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Sep 22

September Blah Blah

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to post a new blog… of course if I had been able to remember the password to log on that would have been helpful!


There have been some changes over the last few weeks. First off, we were sad to say good bye to Miss Muffets Toy Store. Tracy has relocated to Abbotsford and we wish her all the best. To help out customers we are expanding our toy selection quite a bit. In the past, we primarily catered for the 0-4 year olds, now we will also bring in toys for older children and will continue to introduce new lines.

This brings us to our next bit of news… in October we will be attending a Baby and Kids Expo to get a gander on what cool new items we can offer you. Any new product should be arriving by the beginning of November (toys included) so you will have plenty of time to get a jump start on Christmas shopping (ack! Christmas already!?!?!?). For a more detailed listing of items we receive please follow us on Facebook where we regularly post merchandise updates.

Our Fall selection of clothing and shoes has arrived. Hula Mula and Knuckleheads cover our clothing with See Kai Run and Converse for footwear. The new Velcro Converse has flown off our shelves and we are happy to inform you that we will have more Velcro styles available in our Spring 2011 (due to arrive March).

BOB is back in stock after a long hiatus at the distributers. Phil and Teds have discontinued their Sport model and introduced a new stroller, call us for details. Valco is still going strong and in demand.


Well, that about wraps it up for now. Oh, our stellar web guy is working on an email notification option for new Blog posts so check back.


Thanks Everyone!

Michelle and Lisa

Aug 13

Our First Post!

Ok, so here we are… blogging. What the heck are we blogging about?? Well, pretty much anything that pops into our minds. Mostly though it will be about Lellow, it's fabulous customers and the ever-so-cool products. As well, we will try to convince you how awesome the staff is, and even share the occasional personal story so that you all know we too are mothers and that we have those I-love-my-baby-so- much moments, as well as those totally-not-my-proudest-parenting moments. Personally, these are my favorite stories because it always reminds me I'm not alone when I have dragged my screaming child out of Miss Muffet's because ½ an hour in that fantastic store was not nearly enough time to fulfill my son's train obsession.

Our goal is to use our blog to inform and interact with our customers. We know not everyone is into Facebook and while we do use our Facebook page for more up to date, day-to-day postings, our blog will give you an alternative. Whether it's Lisa or myself writing, we will try to give you any info we think you're keen to hear (and inevitably we'll babble a bit too).

So, here goes...

At the moment we are getting our Fall/Back to Preschool merchandise in. We're trying out some new products that seem to be a hit and will definitely be back in our store. Like what you ask?? Well, the Skip Hop Backpacks have flown off our shelves. The perfect size for a toddler's back and still big enough to hold a change of clothes or whatever else you need. They even have a side drink pocket that is big enough to fit the wide base of the Klean Kanteen. We're already being asked if these will be a year- round item and while we're thinking of keeping them as primarily Back to Preschool items, we may occasionally bring in a few throughout the year.

Another fantastic Back to Preschool/Fall item we have in is Velcro Converse. These are ideal indoor shoes. I special ordered my son some for last year and they were great. Durable, washable and easy to get on... plus they are totally funky footwear, I LOVED them! The best part is we are making these a regularly stocked item so we will have them all year At the moment they are only available in black but our Spring 2011 order will have more to offer. We'll keep you posted.

Lastly, a brief note about our Knucklehead Hoodies. While we know many were disappointed about the Classic Logo Black Hoodie being discontinued, we were all excited to check out the new Reversible Hoodie they added to the Fall 2010 line. As quantities were limited our selection is minimal, but rest assured we have contacted them and they are doing what they can to boost our order. However, they have created a new year round line that INCLUDES the Classic Logo Hoodie and we will be getting them back in. Yay!!!

Well, I realize I could go on for hours about our products but I must save something to talk about for next time. Please check back regularly to see what we've gabbed about...

Oh, and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for putting sand in our window display... Ok, well ,really Lisa put the sand in. We have had a lot of great feedback about how cool our window looks but we realize little hands are just wayyyyy too tempted to reach in and throw fistfuls of sand around the store. Honestly, this doesn't bother us much as there is lots of sand and how could we put sand out there and not expect kids to beeline for it?!?! I mean seriously, they are kids after all. We have realized though that the parents are a tad more stressed about it than we are. So, our apologies...

... and sorry to my mother for all the spelling and punctuation errors. I'll work on it Mom, I promise.

Thanks for reading!

Michelle (and Lisa)

Welcome to the Blog!

Thanks for taking the time to visit the lellow blog. You'll find out about lellow and what we're up to here, so please check back often.


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