Lellow Greens came about initially to help encourage our customers to adopt environmentally friendly practices by recycling their baby and kids clothing and shoes and allowing others to re-use these items. We were approached by some of our eco- friendly clientele asking us to help them out and give them options for reselling and recycling their gently loved, top quality items that were too nice to give away or consign for next to nothing. After careful consideration and a lot of positive feedback through our devoted Facebook customers we felt we were able to provide the option people were looking for.

As Lellow is not a consignment store, Lellow Greens is not a typical consignment section and people naturally want to know more. Therefore, we have created our "Greens" tab on our webpage to answer any questions.

What are we taking?

Our Greens section will be taking clothing and shoes for ages 0-4 years. At this time we will not be taking anything other than clothing or shoes. Please check with us that there is no appointment necessary for drop off. We will take a quick inventory count and your contact information and go through items within a few days. Before any merchandise goes out, you will be asked to sign the contract/inventory. As we are asking for top quality items, please be aware we will be fussy. Name brands are preferable (but not mandatory, if you're unsure bring it in for us to decide) and items must be in good condition. We are asking for no more than 30 items per drop off and all items must be clean and folded (no garbage bags please!).

What about pricing?

Pricing is at our discretion however in some instances suggested customer pricing will be considered. Items will be out for resale for 3 months. For the third month, items will be marked down to half off.

What if my contract has "leftovers"?

At the start of your contract you will be asked if you prefer to pick up any remaining unsold items or have them donated to charity. If you opt for pick up, after the 3 month term you will be contacted and have 2 weeks to pick up your items. After 2 weeks they will no longer be held and will go to charity as we do not have the room to "store" items.

What's my payout?

We offer 2 payout options due payable at the END of a contract. 40% cash back or 50% store credit towards NEW merchandise. 50% store credit does not apply to Greens section items or purchase of gift certificates (custom orders are dependant on ordering status) . But yes, it can be applied to new stock sale and clearance items or even strollers. Cash payouts will be made by cheque payable to the Greens contract signee only. Credits will be applied to customer accounts and are valid for 6 months after contract expiration. Sorry, no exceptions!

The Fine Print...

Lellow Greens is operating within Lellow Kids Gear and therefore some instances of "conflict of interest" may arise between new stock lines and Lellow Greens stock lines. Although we don't anticipate any issues, we reserve the right to terminate a contract early if an issue with a supplier shall arise. Greens items in question would be pulled immediately and you will be contacted.

If you wish to terminate a contract early, any remaining items will be returned to you within 3 days of written notification and a store credit of 20% ONLY will be given on any sold items.

We are not responsible for any damages or theft of Greens items. Circumstances arise that are beyond our control however, we always do our best to minimize all possibilities of anything occurring.

A "running" balance will not be given out during the duration of a contract. Credits cannot be applied to any new purchases until the END of a contract. You will be contacted when your contract is over.

In the instance of a discrepancy between items inventoried, pricing, amounts payable or any other circumstances that may arise, we will do our best to reach an amicable and fair agreement. The initial contract and inventory will be referred too and sales will be reviewed.


Let's all do our best to encourage environmentally friendly practices. Recycling your children's items allows other to re-use them... and earns you a little green too!

We look forward to working with you...

Alex, Shane & Sophie